How I found my passion for music


I’ve been a part of MMCL for as long as I can remember, I began as a violin player and travelled through instruments like trumpet, guitar and trombone. I’ve now played the trombone for about 8 years and have recently achieved my Grade 3. I’ve enjoyed MMCL as it has built my passion for music, I’ve enjoyed playing classical music and hits like ‘mamma mia!’ through the years and hearing all sorts of genres. 

The project has allowed me to make friends for life because of our passion for music and I believe it is a great opportunity for all young people, even just for the musical experience. You get the chance to enjoy music, be creative and make friends in the community. 

If it wasn’t for MMCL, I’d have never found my passion for music. Despite not currently planning on pursuing music as a career, I believe it will always stick with me as a hobby and bring me great joy. Hearing the orchestra play makes me so happy because you can look around and see the enjoyment on all of the young people’s faces, as well as family and friends enjoying and being proud in the audience.