Second-year medical student at the University of Exeter

Caitlin, second-year Medical student at the University of Exeter

I started MMCL as a volunteer around four years ago. I hadn’t thought about learning an instrument other than how cool I thought it would be if I did.  Deciding to take up the viola was a snap decision that sent me down a path I never thought I could travel down. I was thrown into the world of music theory and performance. Having to learn an instrument from scratch, including an all-new clef, performing in front of an audience, and sitting music exams was a challenge.

However, I’m so glad I did it because, in these challenges, I found self-confidence, determination and an ability to persevere. Supported by the encouraging staff and volunteers, I grew up learning how to play an instrument I love. It’s opened up new doors to me such as playing in my university symphony orchestra, and for that, MMCL has been an invaluable experience.