We believe that music enables participants to flourish, developing an increased sense of self-worth, confidence, raised aspirations, and an improved quality of life. Our work brings together people of all ages, creating a strong community spirit and a deep sense of pride through musical achievement.

Making Music Changing Lives (MMCL) was started in 2009 by the vicar of Ely, Revd Jan Gould – herself a former professional musician – with the aim of transforming the lives of children in Ely and Caerau by teaching them how to play an orchestral instrument. The charity is based at the Church of the Resurrection in Ely.

We now teach around 40 children aged 7+ violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, cornet and trombone at our after school sessions throughout the school term time, and families pay £2.00 per week as a contribution towards the cost of tuition and use of an instrument. Of course, not all families can afford £2.00 every week, but their children are not excluded – we believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn how to express themselves through music, and so if they cannot afford the contribution we take them free of charge.